4.19.15 Weekly Recap: Food + Fitness + Fun

4.19 Weekly Recap


For the most part, this was the menu of the week:

  • Breakfasts: Super food muesli. Try it out! It’s so good.
  • Morning snacks: A mix of fresh blueberries and raspberries.
  • Lunches: A big salad full of greens, banana peppers, kalamata olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, and homemade falafel & tzatziki sauce. This salad made me really happy all week.
  • Afternoon snacks: Baby carrots.
  • Dinner: Sautéed onions, green peppers, and red peppers with kale and chicken sausage.

But then there was this stuff too:

  • Sunday lunch at Wilde Roast with my mom and younger brother. I had the Boise Big TLBT. Normally I would go for the side salad, but it was my birthday weekend so I splurged on the sweet potato waffle fries, because they are AMAZING.
  • On Friday night after my run I really wasn’t feeling well, so I went to the store to get my “I’m sick” foods: chicken noodle soup, saltine crackers, and Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. I felt better afterwards.
  • My friend Julia hosted a BBQ at her apartment on Saturday night. We had burgers (beef, turkey, and veggie options) with cheese & crackers, fruit, veggies, chips & salsa, and cinnamon rolls. I contributed some black bean brownies with raspberries. Lots of delicious food with lots of awesome people!


The beginning of the week started out pretty strong, but went a little downhill after that.

  • Sunday: Core Power Heated Power Yoga.
  • Monday: Easy run.This was a really enjoyable run for me. Total = 5.1 miles; 9:01 min/mi pace.
  • Tuesday: Hill workout + abs. 2 mile warm-up + 7 hill repeats + 3 mile cool down. Then I followed it up with this plank-less ab workout and a lot of stretching. Throughout the run there was sun, then clouds, a few minutes of rain, some snow pellets, and then sun again. Plus, wind. #ClassicMinnesota. Total = 10.15 miles; 9:04 min/mile pace.
  • Wednesday: DharmaCycle Prime Yoga. This studio just opened up a little over a week ago. Since it’s conveniently located ½-mile down the road from me I purchased an intro month to check it out. I took the Prime Yoga class. Here’s how they define the class: “Put the muscular and endurance work of Yoga Sculpt with the fine-tune precision movements of Pilates and Barre together and combine them with the principles of yoga therapy and traditional yoga and you’ve got Prime Yoga.  Prime Yoga is the most comprehensive, updated, full-body.mind.soul group fitness class out there. You’ll use a variety of weights and props as you move safely through exercises that strengthen and sculpt your muscles, challenge balance and work endurance all while staying connected to breath and intention.” There was a lot of focus on core work, so between that and Tuesday’s ab workout I was feeling a little sore, which I love. I enjoyed the class and look forward to checking out the other ones as well!
  • Thursday: Easy run with some strides. I knew I was doing run on Friday, but still wanted to get in a short workout, so I decided on a 4-mile run and threw in some strides. I did a 1-mile warm-up + 7 rounds of 30-second strides + 1.25 mile cool down. Total = 4.1 miles; 8:51 min/mile pace.
  • Friday: “Long” run. I was planning on running 16 miles; however, this did not happen. About 2 hours before the run I started not to feel great, but since I was meeting a friend for the run I decided to suck it up and go. I started and then really just started to suck it up. Major strugglefest and the wind and rain did not help. I decided that I needed to stop and told my friend to just keep going without me. Then I called my younger brother and asked if he could come pick me up. He did, because he’s the best brother in the world… and then I bought him dinner. Total = 9.25 miles; 9:45 min/mile pace.
  • Saturday: Easy runs. I was feeling a little bit better so I wanted to add some extra miles in to try to make up for Friday’s poor performance. I went out for a 3-miler in the morning and then led a City Running Tour Beer Run (with some super fun ladies) later in the afternoon. Total = 3.1 miles; 8:59 min/mile pace + ~3.5 miles; relaxed running tour pace.


  • My friend Justine and I went to a baking demonstration at Cooks of Crocus Hill on Sunday. We watched Joanne Chang (of Flour Bakery in Boston) make a few things while we snacked on treats and drank coffee. Everyone that went to the demo received her new book, Baking With Less Sugar. I’ve read through all of it and am excited to experiment with some of the recipes! It was super fun and interesting and I would love to go back for another demo and/or class. Anyone interested?!
  • On Wednesday I went to the Carlson School of Management and spoke at two of the OMS 3001 Intro to Operations classes about Raw Material Planning at General Mills. It was fun to be back at Carlson. I’m always impressed with the caliber of students and the questions that they have!
  • Later on Wednesday I met up with my Alpha Kappa Psi mentee for happy hour at Acadia. It was fun to catch up with him and hear about everything that is going on in the fraternity!

I hope all of you had an awesome week full of good food, lots of fitness, and some fun things too!

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